Photo of very happy women in a prom flapper dress Mes Amies Dress Boutique with locations in Naperville Illinois and Middleton WI. Dress for business, proms, weddings, and more.

Mes Amies Dresses

While there have never been more choices for a woman, why is it still so hard to find a dress that works? And with so little time? Who has time to search the world over, order five dresses, discover none of them work (or the quality is poor) and then send them all back and try again? How does one know if the fit is really right for your body type? And what if you’re looking for something not off the rack but really special? And when was the last time you experienced real service at a clothing store?

These are some of the many reasons to visit Mes Amies Boutique.

At Mes Amies, our mission is to help you feel and look your very best. That begins with the quality of the garments you find at Mes Amies. Casey Plasch, our buyer and the owner of Mes Amies, is your buyer. She looks for designers that use quality fabric. “The garment matters.” she says. With a keen eye, she tests each garment personally. “Style is important, of course, but will it last? That’s the question I ask myself.”

You will also find that the designers at Mes Amies have perfected “fit”. When Ms. Plasch is meeting with designers, she’s not looking for a one size fits all solution because Mes Amies is all about about the individual, all about you.

An essential part of feeling great is that the dress is easy to wear and bra friendly. When we’re comfortable, we’re happier.

With that in mind, when Ms. Plasch is curating dresses for the stores, she is looking for something you will enjoy wearing.

The designers you find at Mes Amies have made dresses keeping a variety of shapes, age and size in mind; some specializing in petite or plus sizes so that you will find exactly what suits you best!

Whether you’re looking for something classic with an updated twist, versatile or simply flattering, you will find real value at Mes Amies. This is by design as Ms. Plasch visits fashion shows throughout the U.S. and Europe to discover designers who are committed to not only great design and fit but also quality that lasts.

Unlike major department stores, Mes Amies carries 4 to 6 of each dress style in each store. What works for you is what matters most which is why you’ll always experience personalized attention and care when choosing your dresses.

Casual, semi-formal, business and gowns are all available at Mes Amies with new arrivals coming in daily.

You are invited to visit soon, discover, explore and have fun while you experience the personal attention that will give you the best possible look for day or night!

“Life is a party. Dress for it.” - Audrey Hepburn